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1v1 Tier List [28.02.2021] - Patch 1.6.14

1v1 Tier Lists

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Help Ukraine Win!

Disclaimer: Information here was valid for state of the game on the publishing date (28.02.2021) of the list. This list (Patch 1.6.14) might still hold value for newer servers that have limited selection of units. A more detailed explanation on the placement of units within the list resides below the image. For the latest list see top post on the the category page.

Latest new unit banner on list publication: Aizen2
Events held on list publication: xMas


1v1 Tier List [28.02.2021] v1.2.0 - Patch 1.6.14

S tier

  • Nel / Vasto are without comparison. By now you should have both running minimum 5 ★. Run Nel with Crimson (secondary irrelevant), Vasto with Crit and Toshiro maxed soul (HI) or Uryu (LI).
  • Shun has no real bad match-ups since his rework. He gets occasionally one shot if he doesn't rage early but that's pretty much it. Don't expect bonkers damage from him, he's basically a stall unit now that happens to be able to kill other units. You can play him with offensive or defensive souls.

A tier

  • Aizen has lost his spot as 1v1 king due to v3 units being pretty much immune to one shots. He's still very strong with weapon awakened. We expect to see him drop further down with time, so investing into him is not advised any more.
  • SSR Tear is basically Kensei without crit res, in turn doesn't rely on blocking. She makes good use of Asura / Armor.
  • Kensei is basically SSR Tear with crit res, but relies on blocking.

For Kensei you absolutely need to max out global and local block stats and pref. have some additional crit res, too. Otherwise Kensei becomes a RNG unit like Kenny. This also means that your Jinta will go to him.

  • XHime is just pure stall. Hard to one shot her due to v3 HP pool + Snowmen passive. Units that don't trigger her Snowmen might outstall her. War souls don't really matter, you can try to make her tanky or just go full damage so her basic + masteries at least scratch non-healing units. Fury is good, too.
  • Ulq 1 is the damage version of XHime. Open to one shots though since he is a v2 unit.
  • Ulq 2 becomes tanky while dealing consistent damage via mastery.

B tier

  • Both Grimjoys, Kenny, XRukia and Shinjo are extremely RNG dependent. They can easily 1v3 - or just be useless. You can eliminate the mastery RNG with Tosh soul, but you'll still have to deal with with their crit / debuff inconsistency.
  • Zommari is a mini aizen. His rage damage is exceptional and he has increased mastery chance. His heal block allows you to kill heal based stall units easily. However, he needs to win within 2 rounds, otherwise he falls off. Low 1v3 potential.

C tier

  • Use these units only if you know you can win or if you want to pull an easy 1v1 trade. For example Nemu, Sasakibe and Uryu can easily one shot a v1 HP non-tank unit, however they'll be pretty much useless in the next round(s).

D tier

  • Skip

E tier aka Units to Keep an Eye on

  • Yoruichi v2 (prolly releasing tomorrow)
  • Aizen v2: His mastery damage is supposed to deal 10% max HP damage, however this damage scales with mastery multipliers and damage rate. 10% easily becomes 40%.
  • Tensa: Got bug fixed, weapon out. Has easy crit access and his mastery still hurts.
  • UR Porro: Got bug fixed, weapon out. Trash without weapon.

text by Tommy, ranking courtesy of Central 46 from BIS Leaks Discord Server