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One Unit Event Calculator

Event Calculator

Help Ukraine Win!

Help Ukraine Win!

Summary Some general info about your summoning case.

Total Rewards: This is a sum of guaranteed and probable rewards.

Guaranteed Rewards: These rewards are guaranteed. They are either fixed in the pool table or granted from banner chests or rebate event and strength training if applicable.

Probable Rewards: These rewards are not guaranteed and are calculated from statistical probabilities.

Events using these drop tables: Travel 2021 (Halibel), Halloween 2021 (Nemu), Valentine 2022 (Yoru), Summer 2022 (Kira), Halloween 2022 (Byak).

Disclaimer: calculator is based on probability theory and expectation values. The calculated reward values represent what a large number of players will get as an average for a given number of pulls.

Reference Table

110UR 3★ with Daily Recharge
130UR 3★ for f2p
220220 pull total War Soul, Purple UR WS with Recharge
240Purple UR WS for f2p
242f2p pulls that max one rebate (60k jades spent)
272max pulls with daily recharge and one rebate maxed
300🗡 UR's Weapon
400400 pull WS, Orange UR WS (maxed)
550UR 4★, Orange UR WS (maxed)
600600 pull WS
700UR 5★, Orange UR WS (maxed)
900UR 6★, Orange UR WS (maxed)
1350UR 7★, Orange UR WS (maxed)