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Spec Multiplier

Damage Formula

Help Ukraine Win!

Help Ukraine Win!

Tested to affect Spec Multiplier

passive± 10 %Currently partially broken, see this, depends on type
Hanataropassive- 10 %Skill take less dmg from Def
Omaedapassive+ 10 %Backrow deals more dmg to Def

Suspected to affect Spec Multiplier

Tosh1passive+ 15 %Broken, doesn't work, Skill and Atk units deal more dmg to Def units
Luppipassive- (2 + 0.09 * Skill LVL) %Broken, doesn't work, Enemies with [DoT] deal less to front row units
Omaedarage+ 35 %Rage deals more to Atk units, test pending
Hinamoripassive+ 10 %Skill units deal more dmg to Def units, test pending