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1v1 Tier List [19.04.2021] - Patch 1.6.62

1v1 Tier Lists

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Disclaimer: Information here was valid for state of the game on the publishing date (19.04.2021) of the list. This list (Patch 1.6.62) might still hold value for newer servers that have limited selection of units. A more detailed explanation on the placement of units within the list resides below the image. For the latest list see top post on the the category page.

Latest new unit banner on list publication: Dangai 
Events held on list publication: xMas, Anniversary


1v1 Tier List [19.04.2021] - Patch 1.6.62

List changes:

Tensa ⬆️ B
Yoru2 ⬆️ A
UR Porro ⬆️ B
Boris ⬆️ A
Zang v1 ⬇️C
Aizen v1 ⬇️ B
UR Starrk ⬆️ C
SSR Boris ⬇️ D
Dangai ⬆️ B
Aizen v2 ⬆️ A

S tier

  • No changes

A tier

  • Yoruichi v2: Pretty much unstoppable unless low ini / against block.
  • UR Boris: From 0 to hero. He absolutely needs block souls (Jinta + Courage). His damage got buffed since the last tier list, too. Now he actually deals damage, enough to tank away 2-3 Nel rages AND still kill her. However, you won't be able to play Kensei if you play him.
  • Aizen v2: As strong as Ulq v2. Does pretty much the same stuff. Note: His mastery bonus damage does not get amplified, it's just absurdly high for no reason.

B tier

  • Tensa, Dangai: Both are strong remove 1 which is becoming more and more important with units like Yoru2 / Vasto being usable for low ini if you don't instakill, however that's all they're good for. We've seen day 1 7* Dangais doing nothing - and also people claiming Dangai being as broken as Vasto without even using him ONCE. That's just bullshit. Neither Dangai nor Tensa have a match 2 value unlike Vasto / Nel / Shun, heck them consistently 1v3ing is pretty much impossible. Do your own research during this upcoming KK.
  • Aizen v1: Well, as hinted previously, Aizen v1 doesn't scale up to v3 units. He struggles to one-shot pretty much any of the new units. He's still useful, especially if you aren't facing a lot of stall and are high ini, but the good old 1v1 king times are over for this guy.
  • UR Porro: Solid stall unit, might even become better over time.

C tier

  • UR Starrk: He has v3 scaling, also if he's allowed to rage before he dies he can utilize his passive. Nothing more than that, though.

D tier

  • SSR Boris: His shield mechanic just doesn't work out in 1v1.

That's it for this patch. Annizen and Annigo still are undergoing testing, but they'll prolly be B-C tier (both). Annizen is very slow, but if he gets a kill, he might go on a killing spree, and Annigo could be a potent stall unit but he deals 0 dmg (kind of like Uno).

text by Tommy, ranking courtesy of Central 46 from BIS Leaks Discord Server