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1v1 Tier List [26.06.2021] - Patch 1.7.71

1v1 Tier Lists

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Disclaimer: Information here was valid for state of the game on the publishing date (26.06.2021) of the list. This list (Patch 1.7.71) might still hold value for newer servers that have limited selection of units. A more detailed explanation on the placement of units within the list resides below the image. For the latest list see top post on the the category page.

Latest new unit banner on list publication: Sode 
Events held on list publication: xMas, Anniversary, Summer


1v1 Tier List [26.06.2021] - Patch 1.7.71

List changes:

Aizen v3 (Flyzen) ⬆️ A-
Zom ⬆️ A-
Kensei, UR Boris, Yoru v1 (SSR) ⬇️ D
Sodenblabla ⬆️ B
SS Gin ⬆️ B
SS Matsu ⬆️ S-
Dangai ⬇️ C-
Yoru2 (UR) ⬆️ S
Kukaku ⬇️ D
Ukitake ⬇️ D
S7 Lisa, AA, Orange Afro, Dordoni ⬇️ D
Annizen, Annigo ⬆️ C
Shun ⬇️ S-
Introducing "Sub Tiers": We really don't wanna overcomplicate the tier list with dozens of tiers, so we are gonna stick with "Sub Tiers". Those are essentially either worse versions of the tier the unit is placed in or highly situational and in that case as good as the tier itself. For example, A- would be more like B in general, but if used properly its easily as good as A.

S tier

  • Yoru2 ⬆️ S tier: With block gone, this unit is the solution to any of your problems. No matter if HI or LI, if shes allowed to rage, its a remove 1 with turn 2 and 3 potential. Granted a fair bit of RNG involved, but very high chances of succeeding.

"S-" / "Sub S" Tier

  • SS Matsu ⬆️ S tier with a note, kind of like S-: SSR Tear 2.0. Can be one shot, but if not, well, there you go. Needs to rage for ultimate gains. Has a good amount of RNG involved, but fairly high chances. You need to equip Aizen soul on her and absolutely need 6*, best paired with Armor. Otherwise she doesn't have the damage / damage reduction needed to fight Nel etc. Control is insane, also rage gain is insane. Strong against XHime, especially if enemy leads / opens with XHime. XHime doesn't really out damage SS Matsu passive healing plus if you're low ini you are guaranteed to win over her. As high ini you have to hope she doesn't get mastery / rage in the last round, so yeah, that's that.
  • Shun ⬇️ S tier with a note, kind of like S-: Too many stall units at the moment that win on draw for LI. Otherwise nothing changed, still my #1 to go unit.

A tier

  • No new entries.

"A-" / "Sub A" Tier

  • Flyzen ⬆️ A tier with a note, kind of like A-: Solid unit, hard to one shot, great damage, KILLS BLOCK. Play this unit like Zommari aka into block or v1 units. Otherwise mediocre performance against current v3 line up.
  • Zom ⬆️ A tier with a note, kind of like A-: With block units gone and heal stall getting stronger every patch, this guy is prolly the only limited SSR worth to 7*, no matter if HI or LI. Long term value given since xMas. That's already 6+ months and its not looking like heal stall is gonna fall off any time soon (or like ever).

B tier

  • Sode ⬆️ B tier : Full rng unit. Can win over anyone, or just be a wasted slot. Pretty much like Kenny, just as a BT.
  • SS Gin ⬆️ B tier : Mastery hits like a truck, rage is ok, can be used to get rid off some trash units. Pretty much Kenny with v3 stats.

C tier

  • Annigo ⬆️ C tier : Playable unit but a worse UR Porro, stick to UR Porro.
  • Annizen ⬆️ C tier : He is too slow, but mastery deals good dmg. Rage useless. Pretty much worse Kenny / SS Gin.

"C-" / "Sub C" Tier

  • Dangai ⬇️ C tier, consider him C-: Cant remove 1 unlike Tensa reliably. Really close to shaft him to D tier, however given that he is Azure and has a high hitting mastery, we will keep him in C for now. Please don't build this unit for 1v1, and only use it if you really have to.

D tier

  • Kensei, UR Boris, Yoru 1 ⬇️ D tier with a note, kind of like D+, just that C isn't really a fit either and you shouldn't be playing these units: Block is dead with the global BPC and crit available currently, especially stuff like Aizen 3 and upcoming Kakashi and so on. Jinta soul effectively useless unless played on Ulq 2 or a heal stall unit while hoping for a lucky block allowing you to heal up -- which does not work on units that need to block to even be a stall unit. If you're playing against low spenders / f2p you might as well stick to these 2, they will still work the same as they did before (A/B tier), but otherwise there's no room for them. Block simply doesn't work any more in 1v1.
  • Kukaku ⬇️ D tier: Her shield is bugged (she doesn't always get it when being hit), however, worse, the duration of her shield is just useless. It pretty much always dispels before taking another hit which makes it, well, pointless. Could be a good unit if the shield strength decayed over time instead of a full round, or, heck, just let her stack it infinitely.
  • Ukitake ⬇️ D tier: Even honed his dmg as v1 SSR is non-existent. Cant reliably remove 1.
  • S7 Lisa, AA, Orange Afro, Dordoni ⬇️ D tier: Too weak for / no value in 1v1.

text by Tommy, ranking courtesy of Central 46 from BIS Leaks Discord Server