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Halloween Event Calculator - Mobile Unfriendly

Help Ukraine Win!

Help Ukraine Win!

This only works on PC and you use it simultaneously with other people (blame Google Sheets). I'm working on a mobile friendly version for the next event.

On PC simply enter the desired pull number in one of the green boxes below.

Some noteworthy events tied to total pull numbers are listed below:

110Nemu 3★ with Daily Recharge
130Nemu 3★ for F2P
220Total War Soul (Global Crit)Purple Nemu WS with Recharge 
240Purple Nemu WS F2P
242F2P rebate maxed
272Daily Recharger rebate maxed
300Nemu weapon
4001st slot defensive WS (hat)Orange Nemu WS (maxed)
550Nemu 4★ + Orange Nemu WS (maxed) 
6001st slot offensive WS (broom)
700Nemu 5★ + Orange Nemu WS (maxed)
900Nemu 6★ + Orange Nemu WS (maxed)
1350Nemu 7★ + Orange Nemu WS (maxed)