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Leaks v1.9.26 - Toshiro, Muramasa, Pager


Help Ukraine Win!

Help Ukraine Win!

Finally finished processing the leaks from Thursday xMas patch. In these leaks: Pass Toshiro skills and type, next season pass unit revealed as well as some details on Muramasa and Soul Pager.

Table of Contents

Season Pass Toshiro Details (Type, Skills etc.)

Pass Toshiro type: ATK ATK tiger TIGER

Description: Support 

Warning skill descriptions below are translation from Chinese

Revolve on Ice; Deals damage to a [single enemy], and restores 100 rage to self and the unit that has the highest attack. 

Aerial Skiing; Deals damage to [all enemies], reduces the crit chance of [enemy back row] by 20%, for 1 round. Has 30% chance to apply [Freeze] to [enemy back row] for 1 round.

Awakened Aerial Skiing; Deals damage to [all enemies], reduces the crit chance of [enemy back row] by 25%, for 1 round. Has 40% chance to apply [Freeze] to [enemy back row], for 1 round. At least 1 unit is frozen after rage attack. At the end of round, increases Damage Reduction Rate of [all allies] by 5% for every [Frozen] unit on the enemy side.

Board Flip; Toshiro has increased Damage Reduction Rate. Each Toshiro's basic attack or mastery grants one stack of [Ultimate Breakthrough], which stacks up to 5 times, cannot be dispelled and lasts until the end of the battle.

[Ultimate Breakthrough]: Each stack increases max HP by 5% (up to 5 stacks). After 3 stacks of [Ultimate Breakthrough], when Toshiro is struck by a critical hit, he heals himself and the an [ally with lowest HP] for 15% of their respective missing HP. After 5 stacks of [Ultimate Breakthrough] Block Chance of [all allies] increases by 10% and they deal 15% more damage to [Frozen] targets.

Pass Toshiro type being ATK is suspicious. His skill set is more support like and his description string says support. Won't be surprised if his type gets changed before release. 

Don't understand the anti-synergy of his skills either. Rage makes crits less probable which reduces his passive effectiveness :confused: I guess if you have a kink for full freeze teams :kekj: If he stays a tiger, I can see him being a useful building block for World Championship teams given the rarity of support tigers in the game.

Bucket Unohana - Next Season Pass Unit

Sorry for all Uno fans, doesn't seem like they did her justice, she looks cheap. :noKEKjustWHY:

Season Pass Uno

Her attacks will involve throwing buckets of water and rainbows :pepePout: :pepePout: :pepePout:

For reference here is End of Year Uno that BBS got:

BBS xMas Uno

Next Soul Box

Haineko and Barragan :Kaname:

Haineko & Barragan Soul Box

New Muramasa Assets

Looks like his skills will involve summoning Gillian(s) and transforming into the Hollow form.

Details related to Soul Pager

Official announcement about Soul Pager Event:

Soul Pager event will soon arrive! (The event is available on a fixed schedule, every 1st and 15th of the month, every session lasts for 7 days.)

Based on the data found in the game files (below) we will be fighting Gillian (again? :confused:)

Defeat the Gillian to receive rewards
Can Investigate in ...
Investigation Successful
Attack Successful
Preview Rewards
Defeat the Gillian to receive the reward of your choice
Attack Chest;Obtainable every time you initiate and attack in Soul Pager; open to obtain a random reward
Number of Attacks;Can be used to initiate an attack in Soul Pager

There is also a screenshot of Soul Pager event from dev build circulating around:

Soul Pager dev build screenshot

That's it for today's leaks!