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Leaks v1.9.58 - Valentine Event


Help Ukraine Win!

Help Ukraine Win!

Leaks from 13.01.2021 patch: Valentine Event details.

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Valentine Event

Valentine event is going to be a one UR unit event. It will be new Yoruichi. The pull rates have appeared in the files:

  • Yoruichi Shards*10|1%
  • Yoruichi Shards*5|5%
  • Yoruichi Shards*2|10%
  • Valentine's Day Chocolate*5|2%
  • Valentine's Day Chocolate*1|10%
  • Soul Stone*1|6%
  • Deluxe Bento Box*1|3%
  • Gear Drawing Choice Pack*1|4%
  • Gold*200000|5%
  • Random Soul Stone Box*50|5%
  • Metallurgy Crystal*80|5%
  • EXP Tonic MAX*2|5%
  • Awaken Essence*1|5%
  • Random Soul Stone Box*10|8%
  • Gold*50000|10%
  • Metallurgy Crystal*15|8%
  • Decent Giftbox*3|8%