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Leaks v1.9.62 - Valentine Yoruichi Skills & Hollow White Ichigo


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Leaks from 20.01.2021 patch. This patch had information on new Valentine Yoruichi, more details on the Valentines Day event, Next Banner, SP Uno art and Hollow White Ichigo.

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Valentine Yoruichi Bird ATK

AoE, focus on front row (description string, translation from Chinese)

Curiously this time a draft for the art was left in the files which give us a good idea of how the final art will look like.

Draft of Valentine Yoruichi art

Our designers also assembled her model:

Based on animation art her attacks will involve throwing that candy box that also has a donut in it Not going to lie the latest event and pass units have been underwhelming. It seems that he template to make them is roughly this: new outfit + a thing in their hands that they throw. Well, at least Yoru didn't get a bucket like pass Uno xNel and pass Toshiro had somewhat original animations at least.

Finally we got Valentine Yoruichi skills poggers

Warning skill descriptions below are translation from Chinese

Instant Hit; Deals damage to a [single enemy], if the target is not affected by [Gaze], the attack will ignore 50% of target DEF; if the target is affected by [Gaze], this attack will recover additional 200 rage.

Unexpected Gift; Deals damage to [all enemies]. Enemies affected by [Gaze] have 20% decreased crit resist chance. Each enemy with [Gaze] will increase Yoruichi's crit chance by 5%. If this attack is a critical hit to the target, it will deal additional damage equal to 20% of Yoruichi's ATK.

Awakened Unexpected Gift; The attack deals more damage and has [Duel] effect.

Instant Gaze;  Yoruichi has increased crit chance. Every time Yoruichi uses normal attack or mastery it applies [Gaze] to the target. [Gaze] cannot be dispelled but all instances of [Gaze] are removed after Yoruichi's rage attack or if Yoruichi dies.

Would be nice to finally get bird carry, we are drowning in tanks and supports.

Valentine Event

Valentine total WS:

Valentine's Day 2022; All male characters Damage Reduction Rate is increased by %s1%

Valentine will have two currencies (no big surprise) one to pull and another one for the shop. Cupcakes and some bars this time:

Some art also appeared in the files:

Next Banner

Hozukimaru and Tensa

Season Pass Unohana

Some new Uno art, the bucket where she collects your broken hopes and dreams is clearly visible now :

Hollow White Ichigo

This is the version we see during the Mugetsu/Final Getsuga training before Ichigo confronts Aizen. It is a weird unit to release now since we already got Dangai and Flyzen from that confrontation, we are also necks deep in Zanpakuto filler units. Anyway, files hint that he will be an actual unit. Rage will likely involve submerging into Ichigo's inner world:

Bad news is he is likely going to be a unit that will become unlockable with new VIP levels that are being added after VIP15.

That was it for today's leaks! Special thanks to our designers Spec and Nogu! We are always looking for more people to help us: translators, designers and writers. If interested - leave a comment below.