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Leaks v2.1.18 - Next Season Pass & Boxes


Help Ukraine Win!

Help Ukraine Win!

Leaks from 14.07.2022 patch. Next season pass unit is Soi Fon, no skills yet. Then we are gonna get bombarded with old unit soul boxes. I'll update this post with Soi Fon model later today.

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Next Season Pass Unit - Soi Fon

She will launch ninjas as her attack animation 😂

Season Pass Soi Fon

New Banners

Shinji and Grimm RF Soul Box:

Shinji and Grimm RF Soul Box

Haineko and Urahara Soul Box:

Haineko and Urahara Soul Box

Hozukimaru and Flyzen Soul Box:

Hozukimaru and Flyzen Soul Box

Hyorinmaru and Zangetsu Soul Box:

Hyorinmaru and Zangetsu Soul Box