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Help Ukraine Win!

Help Ukraine Win!

Yay, I'm back from xMas holidays. I hope you had a good time too. In this post I will share some of my plans regarding the website and YT channel. Oh, and I've also updated the calendars. Roadmap 05.01.2022

Short Term Goals

  • BIS Science Episode 2 & Damage Calculator
    • The calculator is already written and the material for the episode was made already in autumn but because I wanted to make a website first I had to postpone making this video
  • Soul Box Calculator
    • This is something I've almost finished before xMas but had to put on pause due to the xMas event calculator
  • Some technical bug fixes and updates

Mid Term Goals

  • Calculators for past events (2020 xMas, Anniversary, Valentine, Summer, Travel)
    • Adding these is really easy I just need somebody to supply me with screenshots or video recording of the info window of the event that has the rates for item drops.
  • Seiretei Page
    • I've been collecting some statistics on Seiretei Item drops. I want to post those and make a calculator for Seiretei
  • Enhancement Calculator
    • Basic calc which tells you how much stones/stamina is needed to bring a unit from one enhance level to another

Long Term Goals

  • Heroic War Souls, Total War Souls and Talent interactive page
    • Something that will help players easily find, sort and calculate total bonuses they get from all their Heroic and Total War Souls and Talents
  • Stat Calculator
    • I've been collecting data for a calculator that will allow to calculate unit stats from base stats so that Stat Charts can be taken to next level

If you have other good ideas about useful tools for the BIS community you can post them in the comments below.