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Super Strength Training

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Help Ukraine Win!

Help Ukraine Win!

Strength Training and Banner Summoning rewards were upgraded. Details below. I'll make an updated calculator version soon.

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Super Strength Training

In the Super Strength Training for combining a 2 star unit you get an enhancement pack from Gray0 to Red+5. For upgrading the unit to 3 stars you get an enhancement pack to upgrade the unit from Red+5 to Prismatic Green+6. Other enhancement pack rewards were removed. Gold and XP rewards were now tied to your Soul Society Orders rewards.

Enhancement Material Pack - Red+5

Enhancement Material Pack Red+5 - Prismatic Green+6

Super Strength Training 1

Super Strength Training 2

Summoning Banner Chest Rewards

A bit of additional gold and XP was added to the chests of Limited Summoning Banners for 50, 100, 160 and 200 Summons.

50 Summon Rewards

100 Summons